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Quarra Rice is completing Nigeria's largest rice processing mill, a 25,000 tonne capacity rice facility in Tsaragi, Kwara State.

The mill will produce 16,250 tonnes a year of par boiled and milled rice. Over 500 out-growers have been identified for the first three years.

Quarra Rice is also developing a rice seed farm on 1,000 HA, 300 km away. Nigeria's domestic rice imports are estimated at 2-2.5 million tonnes per annum. Production volume represents less than 1% of imports.

Local rice is cheaper, more convenient to purchase and fresher than imported rice, and we expect adoption to be quick if processing standards are comparable to import.

Quarra Rice will be an anchor tenant of Wicklow's Agricultural Support Hub. A fully staffed financial and operational leadership team is preparing for full launch.



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